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    I recently purchased a property which included an outdoor wood stove. The previous owner used it to heat the house up until last year, when the unit developed a water leak into the fire box. The unit was made by Pine Tree Wood Heat in Barry's Bay Ontario. They don't appear to be in business any longer. Do you know of any dealers in my area who I could contact to see if the unit is repairable? The unit is located in Bailieboro Ontario, which is just south of Peterborough. I appreciate any help you can provide.


    This is work that can be done by any decent welder as opposed to a stove specialist. Outdoor waterstoves are not pressurized, so the repair is not as specialized as pressure vessel work.

    Some of these waterstoves were of low quality and not designed for long life. Make certain that the welder checks the thickness and corrosion elsewhere in the vessel so you can determine if continued repair is worthwhile.
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