Let’s buy a stove... Princess or King? Pictures


Feeling the Heat
Sep 3, 2008
Western Oregon
Im just wondering of you can post a few pics on the corner install, mainly showing the space further out pointed towards the old propane fireplace, my concerns is the window and window treatments with clearance to combustibles.
Also are you planning going straight up with the chimney or up then outside to a cleanout then back up? Also are you going to add a oak?
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kenny, here ya go. The width of the fireplace face is just under 6 feet wide. We don’t plan on hanging any curtains on that window. Also, side shields for the stove if required. going straight up with the chimney because of the overhang outside. I’m not going to do this install myself. Been there, done that, 4 times. I’m gonna pay for this one.


Minister of Fire
Feb 16, 2014
Thanks Dustin, looks good to go, If it were me I'd prob stick with the princess, mine heats very well in NWNJ, we get temps all the way down to single digits, sometimes into the negatives and my stove has been pretty good to me, heating from an uninsulated basement, raised ranch 2x4 cons about 1500 sqft, but to each his own, keep in mind you'll want to burn the stove on high at least once a week for a good hour to reduce firebox creosote build up, this keeps the metal skin of the stove from corroding over time.
Also since the stove is up in the main living area, extend the hearth like a L towards the TV so you can stack wood and not have the wood crumbs go everywhere. I generally keep on large metal bucket filled with wood in the stove room, that lasts me about a day / day and a half depending on heat load. An oak will work great for you since you installing on an outside wall, and remember you want at least 14ft of total chimney length, use the black dvl pipe on the inside to the ceiling support box, these stove have much cooler flue gases, especially when running on lower settings.