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    Hello, I was interested in purchasing a "lincoln parlor stove", But I'm concerned about the clearances from combustible and non-combustible surfaces. The room has doorways on 3 sides and a 18 inch clearance from a heat shielded wall puts the stove in a walk way. Am I using the right Clearance measurements for this non-airtight stove? Would furnace cement on the joints make the stove airtight thus reducing the clearances? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm stumped. There are no retailers in my area, so my only source of info. has been old library books. The corner I was hoping to put it in has walls made of cement block with paneling over top. This stove is not for major heating (in florida), more for atmosphere and 10 - 20 cold nights a year


    Yes, you should probably use 18 inches with the shield as the standard, although some newer codes allow for 12" with a piece of sheet metal spaced 1" from the wall. Sealing the joints, etc does not reduce the clearances. One idea might be to remove the paneling from the cinder block and stucco the block itself. If this is full-thick block with no wood behind it, you could get even closer to the wall..perhaps as close as 4-8"
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