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QandA Posted By QandA, May 5, 2004 at 2:20 PM

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    Don't know if you reply to questions- but I've got one I can't get a satisfactory answer to. In fact I can't get enough of one answer to rule out the other possibilities.In 1984 I had a LOPI 440 installed in my home- and loved every minute I used it. With the kids growing up- my weekends are now spent chasing from soccer game to soccer game- to basketball and scouts- instead of in the woods. So this year I decided to replace the wood stove with a free-standing Quadrafire gas stove.The old LOPI was vented through a six inch stainless steel chimney. Some (those in the business of selling chimney pipe!) say I need to replace that chimney for the new gas stove- which requires a four inch chimney. The man installing the stove (a reputable- registered/certified gas furnace installer/service man says that is NOT true; that the old chimney is just fine. Is there a "final say" on this? What or who governs this type of thing- the manufacturer (who hasn't responded to my e-mail question)- local building codes- or someone else?Thank you for any direction you can give me. Stay warm!


    Dan- gas stoves need to use a very warm flue- so it's questionable whether the 6 inch would do the job. If it is a straight up-in the house- chimney- and therefore stays warm- it may be OK. In NO case do you have to replace this chimney...simply put a 4" aluminum liner (about 150 dollars) down the center of it. For the final word- email to the manufacturer .The issue is mostly draft- because of the cooling of the flue gases- and also condensation of these gases- which can cause corrosion of the piping.
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