Liner and factory fireplace insulation questions... Causes CANCER???

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Nov 28, 2005

I have a majestic factory built fireplace. I Bought some homesaver liner/insulation to use with my quadrafire 2700i wood insert.


1. It says on the flex insulation (see below link) that at 1800 degrees the material turns into a cancer casuing substance!!! What is with this?!?!?!

2. After I insert the new wood insert into the facotry built fireplace, I am concerned about cold drafts (when the fire isn't burning) coming from the old factory built fireplace -the new wood insert surround is far from air tight. Should I insulate the walls of the factory built fireplace? How? with what?



Keith need some help I hate being the heavy all the time. I am willing to bet he just installed the insert without a permit or inspection? Something sound wrong with this installation? Seagen care to comment? Shaun? Please describe the existing chimney set up and or chace surround it, is installed in. Are you sure you have proper clearance to combustiables behind the pre fab fireplace? If installed in the chase, was the chase insulated and 5/8" fire code sheetrock installed on the walls?

Sundeep Arole

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Nov 18, 2005
Framingham, MA
At 1800 degrees, all kinds of stuff will turn into vapor which will be cancer causing. I don't think you will ever reach that temprature, except in a chimney fire, which would be abnormal anyways. There isn't much to worry about, really.

Once you have the liner installed you should seal the top of the flue with something like a top plate. In addition, you should seal off the damper area with non-combustible material. That will keep cold drafts from coming down the flue.

If you have a negative pressure situation in the house, you might get cold drafts through the insert, if it isn't airtight. If you have this situation, then you have more to worry about than the insert installation itself. You should then get a HVAC pro to check into the negative pressure situation and have it corrected first.


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Nov 20, 2005
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