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High_flyer Posted By High_flyer, Oct 10, 2012 at 10:14 AM

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    Oct 7, 2012
    Hi all,

    I've done quite a bit of research but there is still one area that I can't seem to get worked out, hopefully someone can help me here.

    I'm going to install a free standing wood stove, with an insulated liner(6") through an interior masonry chimney. I get how to attach the T snout onto the liner etc. there is nothing in the chimney at this point, and there is no hole in it yet, so I'm going to have to make a hole in it to pass into my living room.

    It will just be a brick chimney wall with maybe some decorative stone/rock mortared to it once I am done. Clearance to combustibles is about 2feet, so that should not present any big issues.
    Currently I'm looking to a duraflex liner that connects to duravent DVL pipe.

    Do I mortar the T-snout into the chimney wall? Or do I attach the T-snout onto a thimble like this one
    And mortar this first thimble sleeve in place ( looks like this thimble attaches to the T, and not that the pipe passes through it.

    OR do I mortar in place in the hole that I create the white part to this insul-flue thimble
    To have the Tsnout pass inside it( i don't see how I would have enough room to attach a DVL pipe to the T with a thimble like this and connection would then be inside the thimble)

    With the chimney wall only being about 4" thick and the completed pass though maximum 5-6" it looks like overkill for my situation

    It all looks a lot different from the installed pictures that I have seen here, but without any part numbers I have no clue exectly what everyone has installed.

    So please, I am open to suggestions, help me wrap my head around this please.

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    Welcome Mark. I think you want the first option if the nearest combustible framing or trim is 2 ft away in all directions. That works with the DuraLiner system though, not DuraFlex. Give Sean at dynamite buys a call. He is knowledgeable and helpful. They'll get you set up right.

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