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    Before I begin, I would like to say your web page is excellent. I live in the Northeast and my 1700Sq Ft house is heated by electric...I am looking into purchasing a Vermont Castings Vigilant coal stove and would like to know if I could install the stove in the basement. I'm wondering how the heat might radiate upstairs (bedrooms on second floor). Is it possible to install the stove in the basement (i have no chimney) and vent it either out and up somehow. How might I get the heat to my upper floors.....cut holes and install grates in the first floor in an effort to get the heat to rise???? Or am I best to just bite the bullet and install it in my living room and suffer the mess? Any assistance would be much appreciated....


    IN general, it is best to locate a stove in the area that it will be heating. This is so ALL the delivered heat goes into the living area. You will lose some heat to the cool basement walls and floors by locating it in the basement, especially if the basement is not insulated... If you are going to locate in the basement, you'd have to install an insulated (metal) chimney either up through some closets or rooms in the house, or out and up the side of the home. A masonry chimney on the outside will also do. Yes, grates in the floor will do a good job allowing heat to rise up through the home. Another option would be to purchase a coal-burning central hot air or hot water furnace, and deliver the heat into your existing duct system or hot water radiators..
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