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    Nov 27, 2012

    We've been looking at info about newspaper logs. I see you folks have a couple of entries about them.

    We have read elsewhere that if you burn paper logs, you should burn them with hardwood. Also that such logs burn better if you soak the newspapers first, then let them dry completely. It's true this takes work, but so does splitting wood. Newspapers are delivered to us; we have to go out and get wood!

    Your main complaint seems to be that burning newspaper logs produces a lot of ash. So I'm curious to know whether your dislike of paper logs is more than personal preference. We used to burn mostly pine--that's what we had--and that produced a lot of ash, too.


    It's not even the amount of ash that represents the problem. It's the type of ash, and the way it is deposited. In my experience, these paper logs flake into ash, and the resulting ash tends to mix with and affect the glowing embers from the wood. In other words, these logs have poor "coaling" qualities. The combustion air in newer stoves is also very finicky. These logs can play havoc with the air flow inside certain stove. I suppose there may be certain combinations of stoves/chimneys/users that can enjoy burning paper logs, but that is not my experience. I'll continue recyclying my papers and burning wood!
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