Logging in from my phone requires a confirmation # retrieved from email.... Every single login??? Why?

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Jan 13, 2015
Admittedly I may have an issue operating my phone;lol

Is every member jumping through this hoop with their phone as well?
Never used to be a issue that I can recall?

Thanks to anyone who can help me eliminate this frustrating step.
Try changing your password . If your password was considered weak it kicks in 2 factor authentication. We did this to keep malicious bots out of the forum.
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If that doesn't do it, and if you're running a VPN, try turning that off and seeing if it resolves the issue.
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Thanks for the tips.
I've gotten the weak password message and disregarded it. Guess I'll have to change it. God help my feeble memory with a new Pword:p
A hacker told Grandma, "I've broken into your computer and now have all of your passwords."

Grandma responded: "Great! Let me get a pencil and paper so that you can tell me them!"