Looking for new wood stove - replacing older hearthstone II

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Feb 27, 2016
Looking for recommendations to replace an older hearthstone II I have. Looking for a decent looking stove that won’t break the bank and is easily operable and most importantly an overnight burn. I’m in a 1500 sq ft cape, with subpar insulation. Really like the hearthstone line (Manchester in particular) just hoping to get some more reasonably priced ideas. appreciate any feedback in advance, thanks !
The Manchester is a nice stove and a very good looker. What is the main driver cost or looks? You might also look at the Enviro Boston for looks. If looks are less important than the Enviro Kodiak 1700 will do the job well. Or if you are looking for a bargain that is good heater consider the Englander 50-SSW01 which is also sold as the Summer's Heat 50-SHSSW01.
that Enviro Boston looks like a old defiant with a glass door very nice