Lopi AGP T-Stat problems


Feb 14, 2013
My Lopi AGP pellet stove T-Stat function is intermittently working. When the T-Stat is engaged (green light on) and the thermostat calls for the heat the stove start up sequence begins and the stove fires. Once the room is at temperature and the thermostat closes the stove begins the shutdown process. (I’ve run it on program 1 and 3, same issues). Once the shutdown process is complete the T-Stat light goes off. Meaning the next time the thermostat calls for heat the T-Stat function is not engaged (no green light) thus the stove does not start up. This problem began after a power surge fired the motherboard. I replaced the mother board and the ignitor (it wasn’t working either). The stove operates OK in the manual mode but not in the T-Stat mode.

Secondly and less frequently I get a combustion failure after I clean the stove. I noticed the gasket on the exhaust channel cover plate panel is missing. Would this cause a combustion failure? Or is it more likely something in addition to this missing gasket?