"Lost in Pellet Stove Space !" (Installation confusion) .

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Jan 10, 2022
Hello, Happy New Year,

I have a Breckwell P2700 (4 inch pipe) I want to install in the spot where a wood burning stove was previously located on my new house. It is a basement. The current wall behind the wood stove is a Sheetrock wall with Brick Veneer. Behind the wall is a void, then a Masonary Chimney. A 8" hole currently exists where some type of metal thimble is present in the sheetrock wall, through the void, and into the masonary wall. The piping from the wood stove was connected to the thimble. There chimney is a clay chimney, no other piping is present.

Here is my plan:

1. Remove the sheetrock wall and replace with something acceptable per code.
2. My stove came with a 4 " thimble. I want to put the face plate part of my thimble (with a 4" hole) over the 8" hole and stick my 4" inch piping through it, through the existing thimble, into the masonry chimney, and into a "T" with a cleanout. From there, flex piping will drop down from the top and into the T. I will use high temperature silicone on the connection point of my 4" pipe and my 4" thimble opening to prevent air leak.

These are my questions:

1. Am I correct in suggesting sheetrock is not acceptable ?
2. Does the existing metal thimble need to be a certain type of metal ?
3. Will this install be considered to code ?
4. The piping length needs from my stove to the T is not working. The dementions of the pipes together are too long going into the wall to the T. I can't cut duravent to make it work because it duravent connects to the T by turning it to lock it in. I really need a piece of flex pipe in the vertical section to get it to the proper length. Do they make that ?

Thanks all !!!!


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Dec 19, 2009
Eastern Ontario
Welcome to the forum
1 If sheetrock was within code for the woodstove then it is within code for the pellet stove.
2 no the wood stove thimble will work fine just use an 8 to 4 pipe adapter
3 you would have to check your local codes
4 They make an adjustable sliding pipe so that different distances can be met without having
to many lengths of pipe


Burning Hunk
Dec 27, 2010
Hudson Valley, NY
Most any wall is usually acceptable in back of a pellet stove including just plain painted sheetrock. The stove just has to be at least the minimum amount of distance away. Usually there is a plate with a diagram of clearances to combustibles somewhere on the stove. My Harman P43 is only like 2 inches minimum, and my old Englander was around 3 inches. Pellet stoves don't usually get hot at all on the back.
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Nov 5, 2010
Give yourself room all around the stove for service when needed..
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