Low side clearance small stove with left-swing door?

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New Member
Jan 14, 2022
I thought I'd done all of my research and found the *perfect* stove in the True North 20 (TN20), and I framed my house (hole in the ceiling) for its clearances.
However, I finally saw one in person, and realized...the door swings in the WRONG DIRECTION!
So I'm looking for something with a left-swing door that opens to the right...The wood pile is on the right.

My Googling is ineffective and my local stove retailer doesn't have a great suggestion (I found the Osburn 950 but for some reason she doesn't like it)

Total width of the stove + side clearances (assuming double-wall pipe) must by <45"
So for example, 10" side clearances + 22" wide stove
12" side clearances + 20" wide stove
(the TN20 was 8" side clearances + 23" wide)

Small capacity - Heating 750 square feet new construction

Still, I'd like to use 16" logs (i.e., not considering smaller stoves with 12" logs)

All suggestions welcome! THANK YOU!