M55 Baffle Set Screws

m55fs Posted By m55fs, Nov 3, 2012 at 3:59 PM

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    Oct 22, 2012
    After using an AUSTROFLAAM INTEGRA for 19-20 years, I recently (2 weeks ago) purchased an m55.
    I have a cautionary note- The top baffle fell,cast back released.....fortunately I was there as it happened. I had a few minutes before cleaned the stove-was able to shut it down-no probs. There are two set screws located top-back holding the top baffle in place. They have "collars" on them so they won't set too far- I removed the collars,and adjusted the screws-now the baffle is removable and stays in place. Initially, the baffle was not set as the set screws could not screw in far enough to hold the baffle. Yes, I have the baffle "right side up". With the collars, you could assume the baffle was placed-

    I Loved the Integra- However,it required removing daily the ashes from the burn pot-when it's 25 below......

    Initially it had some rather "interesting" new product problems. I've burned 3-4 tons per year for the last 19-20 years. The first few tons were (I really can't recall) but-by today's prices-cheap!
    Paid here in Parachute CO (Morrisania Mesa) 120/ton-delivered.

    I have a CHEAP CHARLIE in my garage- it's a pellet eater.

    Nice to join the forum-

    Certainly used your good info!!

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