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RCR Posted By RCR, Dec 23, 2012 at 9:29 PM

  1. RCR

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    Nov 4, 2012
    Finally installed the (new to me floor model stove) myself yesterday ( with the wealth of information read on this site)

    First thing I did was to replace the hardwired "heat only" ceiling fire dectector w/ CO2 and heat detector that is adjacent to stove.

    As far as I can find in the Enviro manual there is no r value required for hearth pad. Just ember protection (I assume). I used a grey epoxy slab that is used for school science room countertops. Chemical and heat/fire resistant. Actual stone or slate would have been lighter weight LOL but the price was right ... FREE. Not crazy about grey but will replace w/ black in future.

    I decided to go with the ICC Excel Pipe and the built in OAK. Nice stuff. No smell of smoke.Install once and done. I did pitch the pipe up and out (per Smokey the bear ). I had constrictions w/ hearth footprint and locations of existing wall studs and I really needed the vent to protrude non wind ward side (left in pic) of house which forced me to have a 45 and a 90. Total I have stove adapter , 45, 90, 12" and the end fitting. I was assured this is OK from stove shop I purchased pipe. No cleanout but i will leaf blower trick and or take apart for cleanings. Another reason I decided to go w/ ICC.

    And yes I have this running through a tripp lite surge protector.

    As you can see there are no windows to contend with, I am right over 12" from outside corner outside (left to right) and 42" above cement patio with 8" projection from house.

    Thinking is if I have issue w/ burn I will add components to become up and out.

    It is burning nice w/ somersets. I have a friend w/ a Mag that I will adjust but it seams to be running fine.
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    Do you guys see any issues ?

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  2. DexterDay

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    That vent set up is EXACTLY what I have with my Classic Bay 1200.

    Very nice pics. Enjoy :)
  3. nailed_nailer

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    Sure is a nice lookin' stove ==c

    Sounds like you did your homework.
    Nice install.

    Keep it clean and it will treat you right.
  4. mepellet

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    Aug 10, 2011
    Central ME

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