Made in Taiwan wood stove

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Is there a UL label on the back of the stove listing tested clearances? If not, it is considered an unlisted stove. The clearances for an unlisted stove are 36" in all directions. The brick wall behind it will reduce this requirement by 33% or 24". Is there 24" from the back corner of the stove to the wall?

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Hello Everyone,

I made a first time purchase on a used Wood Stove. Hoping I haven't made a mistake as I had seen a discussion elsewhere about parts cracking under a full heat.

The rear of the stove reads Made in Taiwan. No other makers marks or info is visible beside various stamped numbers or letters on different parts.
Any help is appreciated.
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For a while during the 80s True Value stores sold the stove. Here's what it looks like new. This one sold for $40 at auction. Made in Taiwan.
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Mine does say “Double Star” on the back.
And “Taiwan” of course. Got it “used” back in 85.
Mine does say “Double Star” on the back.
And “Taiwan” of course. Got it “used” back in 85.
Yes but without a ul tag its an unlisted stove and needs to be installed as such.