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    We purchased a home with vented gas logs installed in the fireplace. There was no owners manual included. We have noticed that the depth of the embers at the base of the logs appears to be lower than when we first started using the fireplace. The previous owners left a bag of embers but no instructions. Do we need to empty the ashes(embers) from the fireplace and replace with new? Do we add the new to the old? If so, how often? Any assistance you can give us regarding maintenance of the gas log system would be great. We have enjoyed having it but want to take care of it. I don't know the brand. The screen on the fireplace says "Majestic". Thanks for your help...


    You can add new embers to the existing bed, as often as needed. You may want to remove the existing ember bed and check around the valve assembly to determine the manufacturer of the gas logs themselves. That would be a starting point toward ordering the right type of embers. If this tag is missing, or you do not have a safety pilot valve assembly, you can get generic replacement embers from most fireplace shops. Bring in a sample so that they can match it up as best possible.

    You mentioned that the screen says "Majestic," which probably means that the fireplace is made by Majestic as well. There should be a metal label inside the fireplace located either on the upper left or right walls. Perhaps the logs are also Majestic-made.

    Maintenance: Once a year, using a soft bristle brush, sweep off any soot that may be on the logs themselves or the burner tube. If it hasn't been done since you moved in, you may also wish to have a qualified gas technician check all gas connections for any leaks or signs of corrosion. You can call the gas company, or again, your local fireplace shop. That's pretty much it! That's why gas logs are popular.
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