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kd460 Posted By kd460, Mar 6, 2006 at 4:22 PM

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  1. kd460

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    Feb 5, 2006
    Thanks for checking this post.

    Anyone ever do this? What I am referring to is the sheet metal type surround that is used for a fireplace wood burning insert. It seems that someone with some basic skills and the ability to cut and bend sheet metal could do this. The reason I ask is it turns out that the two surrounds available for the insert I want to purchase are either to small or to big (the larger one looks funny).

    So I thought I would post this question. Yes I have the ability to do this. I can weld (but probably don't need to for this). I have a homemade sheet metal brake that will do the job nicely, so it is just a matter of measuring, cutting, bending, drilling, and painting.

    I see no reason why this would be a problem unless someone can point it out for me. It actually would make the installation look allot cleaner, and more custom. What gage metal would you recommend (for stiffness but needs to be fairly easy to bend). Any advice or criticisms are welcome. Thanks
  2. MountainStoveGuy

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    For the units a sell there is no problem with making a custom surround. I would think 18-20 guage would be plenty. You might buy the smaller surround so you have a template for the one your going to make, and the hardware pack that comes with it.There shouldnt be any welding needed.
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  4. webbie

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    No problem - we've done this on the job with even thinner metal - 22 ga or so assuming that you bend the ends, which makes the metal straighter and stronger. I have a nice shear and brake now at my shop, but don't have any shrouds to make!

    Sometimes you can get the smaller panels but first make the fireplace opening shorter by putting a painted angle of sheet metal on top and screwing it into the lintel.
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