Making the right call?

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New Member
Feb 15, 2021
I'd leave the pellet stove as is/where is. Sounds as if it works fine down there. Even better if you insulate properly.

Put the new stove/insert upstairs. Perhaps the Drolet package that is very reasonable. Heating your upstairs from that basement arrangement is going to be a real challenge without significant alterations. I've had questionable success with a basement located stove in a much better configuration. If the pellet stove covers the basement your good.
I believe your back door, kitchen, living room and stove placement almost mimic my place to a T. Works great. My stove is actually in the corner nearest to where your stove would be. I load 3 or 4 days worth of splits in a vertical wood rack next to my hearth and have a couple cord outside the back door. I keep 2/3rds of a cord on the front porch and a cord in the basement for use during very cold snaps (no going out for wood). My 2 cents worth. Not to muddy the water......

This is great advice I needed, I’m sticking with the original plan to get an insert upstairs… but also stop the bleeding with insulating the basement.

I’m so happy begreen mentioned the Drolet. Wasnt even on my radar. I found the install thread on here that should work at my place perfectly. It’s a project but that’s why I bought this house. Have some questions yet I’ll have to post on a new thread.