Mama Bear Intakes

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New Member
Nov 18, 2022
I have an old Mama Bear with the Aluminum air intake caps. The left cap will not seat flush when closed and after replacing the bent bolt I realized that the threads are crooked. I think it heated to a point of warping the threads on the door.

Anyone else experience this and ideas for fixing? I am afraid of heating it with a torch to bend it back in fear of breaking it. I have a new Drolet on the way and want to buy enough time with this until the new stove goes in. The bend is severe enough that the fires are too hot from too much air going in.
Remove the bolt from door. Double nut in vise and bend it. Reinstall and rotate bolt in the correct direction to allow air damper to seat. Keep threads greased or coated with silver anti-seize.
Could the threads on the door be bent back with a torch or would the cast break?
Risk I would not take. Cast doesn’t like that. Malleable iron or steel, yes. Cast no.