Masonary Help: How do I finish the Chimney top? (bridging a 2" airgap around 12"x12" flue?)

zzr7ky Posted By zzr7ky, Aug 30, 2006 at 10:46 AM

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  1. zzr7ky

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    Jun 12, 2006
    Hi -

    I'm slowly getting the brick and mortar chimney extension completed. I've got a 25" outside dimension square of brick with the 12"x12" flue tile in the middle. This leaves a 2"air gap around the sides. Any suggestions on how to bridge this gap when I form the cap at the top?

    It is coming along. Next week is liner time.

    Ordered a Dolmar PS5100S saw... The old Mac's will be limbers now.

    Thanks in advanse.

    Mike P (who is not a mason)
  2. elkimmeg

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    many use alumium flashing in the last course of bricks to fillin the space before pouring in the cap.
    spme make a form out of 2/4 or strapping out side. If you want a 1.5" overhang then space it witha 4/4 even with
    the top brick and add more wood 2.5" up what ever height so desired

    Domlar is now owned by Makita quality tools quality saw good luck with it
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