Med. Flush NexGen-Fyre NOT flush

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Dec 9, 2023
I need advice. I bought the medium flush wood burning insert - NexGen Fyre. i gave measurements and sent required pix and noted that I wasn’t sure about my depth measurement. Come to find out the stove requires 19” depth and I had written that it was 18” at 22” high point.
No one called to go over the measurement or say the stove might not fit.

The installer waited until he’d been at my house installing the stove for over 2 hours and was asking me to pay before he mentioned that it wasn’t fitting flush. it sticks out one inch. So there’s a 1” gap between brick and face plate.

I was upset but he said they could sell me a custom plate and it would be a $40 extra charge.

I figured at that point I didn’t have a choice.
The sales person says I have to pay $350 to get the custom plate. No accountability for selling me a stove that doesn’t fit as intended.

Does anyone know if it’s even safe for it to be installed this way? the back of the stove is pushed up against the masonry. Also the heat sheild, when placed on top of the plate, pulls the plate forward. Doesn’t seem secure.

Thanks for any advice.
It's safe as long as there is a full 6" stainless liner connected to the insert. There are a few options. One is to grind out the back of the fireplace's upper bricks if it is just touching at the top due to the slope of the back of the fireplace. That's a typical solution. Was that option discussed?

Another is to attach lightweight, 1" aluminum angle iron to the back of the surround to extend the frame. Black anodize aluminum is the easiest, but regular can be painted black.
Thanks for your reply. No. after multiple discussions carving out the brick was not mentioned. That would be an expense I’m sure too. They are suggesting I pay $350 for a custom plate to hide the gap. I trusted that they had no problems with my measurements. If my measurement was less that what was needed, should they have brought it to my attention and discussed options?
I would weigh out all of the options and choose the best option for yourself.

As a consumer there is some responsibility that we have. We have the obligation to do some research ourselves. The stove manual comes with installation instructions and clearances to follow. Reading the manual would have shown you that it would have been tight allowing you to ask questions and meet your own expectations for a quality installation..
That would be an expense I’m sure too. They are suggesting I pay $350 for a custom plate to hide the gap. I
It's a messy but relatively quick job with an angle grinder and common practice.