Meridian Tile Stove

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Nov 17, 2005
Western Mass.
I received an email request for info about the Meridian Tile Stoves - I had a pic and a old description, so I posted them in the wiki:

If anyone has any additional info or pics, place them in this thread.
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Meridian Tile Stove
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Attractive in an odd way. Sort of like the one-eyed monsters in Monsters Inc..
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Attractive to a Jeannie. More room than in a bottle.
LOL But much hotter.
No way indeed. Hotter than the average genie bottle though, I would guess.
Cool stove reminds me of a diving helmet.. Barbara Eden.. heavenly ;) loved watching her in I Dream Of Jeannie.. Yes Master! ;em

Hi peeps,

i have one of these. It came with my 1990-built house when I bought it in 2007. I read somewhere that they were manufactured again for a few years in the late 80s, ie. in a 2nd wave, that didn't last too long, but I could be wrong.

The stove is absolutely gorgeous. It looks better in the context of my living room than the one pictured one above. I'll send some pics if I get a chance (I registered here just to make this post).

I have attached the original manual for this stove which I had found in 2008 when I was scouring the web for any info on this stove I could find.

People that visit my house always comment on the stove. It really feels a hearth. It is warm, inviting, and just as funky as I'd want a stove to be. It goes with my somewhat 70's styled house (dark brown parquet wood flooring).

I agree with Ray that it looks like a diving helmet. In fact, my blue meridian is nicknamed "Jacques Bluestove" (spoken with a French accent!)

I'd be surprised if you cared, but if you guys bugged me about it, I'll post some pics.



  • meridian_wood_stove_manual.pdf
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:) sure will do!

so how I found this thread was I was looking for the proper gasket size. I figured it out and replaced it today but got glue on the outside of the glass. I didn't notice it (super busy with work), and had the stove going with the glue on it. Do you know how I can remove this glue? Simply wiping it with a cloth isn't doing it. (maybe when it cools down, but I doubt it). I'm afraid of using an abrasive cleaning agent or brush because when I tried cleaning the inside of the glass once I found that scratched the glass really easily. I know that the inside (maybe the outside too?) is treated so maybe it won't happen on the outside? Anyhow, I'd love to figure this out because as it is now I have big black splotch on my glass.
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I'd use water when it cools down - maybe a lot of water. Most glues are silicate based:

So I say water - maybe hot. Maybe even some steam, if you can bring the boiling kettle over and point the spout to the stain!
thanks, so you'd say that my odds are good at this point? It would suck to have told you how cool my stove is only to have ruined it on the same day!
I love my Meridian Stove. I still have not found another stove I like as much.
I purchased my stove in 1986 (nostalgic PO attached)
Fortunately I still had the file with all my documentation which I have scanned and attached.


  • Meridian Stove - 1986 Purchase.pdf
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  • Meridian Stove - Easy Maintenance Instructions.pdf
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  • Meridian Stove - FAQ.pdf
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  • Meridian Stove - Brochure.comp.pdf
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  • Meridian Stove - Installation and Opertion Instructions.comp.pdf
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i just came back because i've had this tab open in my browser for months now with the intent of posting pics up of my stove, but time just ain't on my side (baby on the way), plus it's a bit too messy around the stove right now. I wanted to thank Webbie for your feedback re: the gasket glue on the window (you were right, it came off no problem). Thanks again, and best of luck with the business! I'll remember this site if I have any other hearth things to talk about, and/or if I finally get to the point of taking some nice pics. :)
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i've seen pictures of these stoves and finally seen one in person at one of my customers house. they are nice looking. but at the same house he has a fireplace that has the same tile front as his stove and door. looks like a insert. i have not heard of anyone saying anything about a insert. was there such a animal or was this custom made for this house? anyone hear of this?
That's a cool looking stove and insert! Seems ahead of its' time too.. Does it have some sort of secondary burn system?

I recently moved into a home with a Meridian Ceramic stove. Should my stove have some sort of stove backing to protect the wall from the heat? I find it can get very hot on the wall behind the chimney even if I'm not overfiring, but not sure if this is enough heat to be dangerous.
Hi CWoodBury -- I'm a fellow BC'er with this stove. LOVE IT. To answer your question, I would say it's no different than any other stove in this regard. There are legal standards as to space between stove and wall, and whether you need a plate on your wall, but I wouldn't know where specifically to point you to for those standards. My point is that I doubt the standard is different for this stove than any other, so you might want to post your question to a new thread in a general forum here, or search existing threads here.

FWIW, my wall does not get especially hot.
I recently moved into a home with a Meridian Ceramic stove. Should my stove have some sort of stove backing to protect the wall from the heat? I find it can get very hot on the wall behind the chimney even if I'm not overfiring, but not sure if this is enough heat to be dangerous.

Jon was nice enough to scan in the install instructions that include the clearence to combustibles, you should read it and see if your install is correct or not. Normally if a wall is to hot to touch then it is to close.
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I too own a Meridian stove that I inherited with our 1975 built house. I absolutely love it and the heat it gives off is wonderful. I would like to add another one to replace a cast iron wood stove that pales in comparison. I can't find any info on these stoves and fear the company is no longer in existence. Did it go bankrupt?