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Jan 5, 2022
I picked up a ton of softwoods from my local TSC in eastern Pennsylvania (Lehigh Valley). I haven't seen much information on these so I figured I would start a post so we could share some information.

UPC: 716894766723

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You're fortunate to have softwood pellets available where you are (we're in Texas now & my earlier post explains the problems with pellets here🤦‍♀️) The labeling on the bag as 'Super Premium' along with some detail (.5 ash) seems promising but I found when we lived in Nevada with a quadrafire Mt. Vernon stove it took us trying different pellets to find the ones that burned cleanest were a Douglas Fir type labeled as Golden Fire that did include a Pellet Fuels Institute assay on the label. The other pellets were OK, they all burn but some have more ash, more clinkers and leave more soot on the stove window (the better ones you can go a few days before having to clean the window for example as well as vacuuming everything inside)
I think since stove companies include a recommendation of for example 'premium' or 'super premium' as per what https://www.pelletheat.org/ (the pellet fuels institute) gives optimal usage is how other brands such as the ones you have there can label it as 'Super Premium' along with the .5% ash content. The 5.0 moisture content seems a little on the high side and no number range for BTUs seems questionable but if those numbers have worked great in your stove without other detail ie: BTUs, sodium/chloride content etc. and the price is right I'd say you got a deal! For comparison of ash, moisture content and types see the table for these:
Let us know how well they burn, how much cleaning is necessary with them and what type of stove and settings/adjustments you do while burning.
Stay warm!
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I also bought these pellets from TSC half ton, noticed the ash from the burn has green dust in it ,showing me there's some type of recycled scrap that was placed in the pellet manufacturing process . Will not buy again .....
I've burned almost two tons of these pellets now. Ash appears normal to me (I usually burn Easy Blaze). Almost no clinkers left over in the fire pot. My Trekker stove does have a problem with these though. Many times my stove would shut down immediately after the first start up cycle. The stove would say "Feed Error" which is a catch all error for my stove. I think it had a hard time seeing proof of fire right after the start up cycle. My guess is that these pellets are just a little slow to ignite but once they get going they are fine. The second start cycle would work fine once the stove had some heat in it from the first cycle. This happened about half the time. Just like most pellets, these burn best at a higher heat setting and not on a low burn rate.
On a side note, I noticed that nowhere on the bag does it say softwood or hardwood. TSC thinks these are softwoods but there is no way to really know for sure. 🤔