Misleading advertising revisted & never talked about again....

solarguy Posted By solarguy, Jul 17, 2009 at 8:41 PM

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    I had a long conversation with Zenon @ New Horizon this afternoon, I've know Zenon for a couple of years. He has informed me that he has no intention of giving up the EKO line in the U.S. He will still continue to sell the silver/green Eko boiler that is currently out there. In regards to the 20 year warranty, he has stated that New Horizon Corp is providing that warranty to his boiler customers, not Eko.

    The information I had put out there earlier about New Horizon Corp & his dealers no longer selling Eko boilers after his inventory was depleted contradicates everything we had been told in April by Eco-Orlan USA. Given the current state of the economy, nothing surprises me anymore

    I have no reason to lie about this subject. The hearth.com/do it your self crowd is not our market, never has been & never will be!

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