Most realistic looking Vented Gas Logs?

mchristo Posted By mchristo, Jun 12, 2014 at 2:20 PM

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  1. mchristo

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    We would like to have vented gas log set in fireplace. I've seen a few that look very real while out and about. I went to a dealership and looked at their offereings. they all seemed pretty fake looking (the logs, I mean) The flame looked good on all the different manufacturers, but the logs didnt look as real as I had hoped.

    What company makes the most realistic logs for Vented Gas logs? .

    the fireplace is a real fireplace capable of buring wood. The hearth box is 36" wide and stays pretty wide as it gets deeper into the firebox.

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    Living in New Hampshire, you'd be better off with an insert that will heat your house. A vented gas log set will send all your fuel dollars right up your chimney.
    A DV gas insert can be used as a single room heater, or worst case will heat a portion of your home in a power outage. That being said, I always liked the looks of the Petersen Logs Sets:
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