Mt Vernon AE Control board diagram

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Hearth Supporter
Jan 10, 2008
HUdson Valley NY
Yes, I have the typical problem of having my control board damaged because of an igniter failure. So a good friend of mine is an expert in repairing motherboards, and since I am refusing to pay the crazy price of a replacement board, we got together, and he inspected my board. He noticed damage on two transistors, Q86 and O87. There is a blurry marking on top of them as 1P. Also, it seems as if both transistors are of the same value and set up to work online, so he was wondering why having two of them instead of one with the added value of the two current ones. I have searched everywhere for these specs without luck; I even asked a friend who is a Quadra dealer who serviced these units and was not able to get an answer from QuadraFire, perhaps because that board is manufactured by someone else.

I would be very grateful for any information you could share!

Thank you,

It says Torrington, on the label on the control board. Could be the company that manufactures it. kap
Thanks for your reply kappel15, that is the same label I have on my control board, but I have not been successful in searching on line for the detailed schematic of the control board.
You are not likely to find one
If you do then post it there are many that would like one