My single log skidder

BobUrban Posted By BobUrban, Jan 19, 2013 at 8:15 AM

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    Log Dog 002.jpg Log Dog 003.jpg Log Dog 004.jpg Log Dog 006.jpg Log Dog 008.jpg I fabbed this tool up to attach to the Reese style receiver I built last year. I built it long enough to keep the logs off the tires even when taking a 90 degree turn and it can swivel completely around on a center pin. Originally I was using the removable up stays and just wrapping the fixed chain to hold the logs on but found this to be hit or miss as the logs would sometimes slide off. I found a better method was to just cut a notch in the end of the logs and set them over the angle. I still wrap the chain but find it unesessary as the logs just stay put. I have found this very useful when I cannot get my trailer close enough to bucked logs to make it worth the effort. With this I can easily retrieve any log I can back the bike up to and they just track behind the bike as I snake them out of the woods to my processing pile in the back yard. I think all these photos have been on here from last year but someone was asking to see it again. I also included the original "Log Dog" and my supervisor of backwoods operations :)
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