My VC Resolute and field stone hearth

Ed in Maine Posted By Ed in Maine, Feb 24, 2007 at 1:31 PM

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  1. Ed in Maine

    Ed in Maine
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    Feb 23, 2007
    Very cool forum, had to post a pic of my setup. Have been running this for about 6 years. It is a 30yr old or so Resolute, no cat, with top load and glass front doors (we only open them to roast marshmellows though..). The fan in the top right is an in wall room to room fan for circulation on the first floor. Hearth is blue stone, and the field stone is actually the fake kind. The real stuff was too heavy and I couldn't beef it up under the hearth because the oil furnace is right under it in the cellar. I was just taking this because I wanted to do before and after, I am putting in a Harman pellet stove next week. It is sitting in the garage, just need to figure out my venting options. Thinking about running the air intake for the stove into the room (through the wall) that the room to room fan is feeding. But that's another post.....

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