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    The current residents of the home had the stove installed approx. 25 years ago. At the time there were no local codes in force. The inspector has said that the installation must meet current code- which it does not- or it must be shown that it was installed according to manufacturer's specs at the time. The difference is about 6 inches. The stove must be moved out- the chimney must be refitted with a bend in it and the brickwork on the floor must be added on to. Neither the seller nor I wishes to incur any significant cost and are hoping the company can fax a copy of this section of a manual and comply with the inspector's request. As far as a description goes- the stove stands about 3 feet tall. The front door is recessed slightly and has a rounded top. On the door is a circular venting disk below a large handle used to open close the door. The stove itself is basically flat on the front and is rounded at the back. There are no distinguishing markings that I have seen. Dimensionally- it appears to be about 18-20" high- approx. 12" deep and 12-15" wide. If I can get any more info from the current owner- I will send it along. If the chimney does have to be altered- does that present any air flow problems? Based on your own experience- do you think that this is a costly problem? Did stoves that were manufactured around 1975 conform to the same set of company installation specs as far as distance from the back wall goes? Thanks again for your assistance. F


    You probably have a Jotul "combi-fire" stove. Stoves made before 1979 were not subject to testing and listing- so it may be difficult to get you a set of specs...

    Try to identify it at http://www.jotulflame.com

    Other than that- you must conform to current "NFPA" general standards- which are 36" from walls with no protection. A 50% to 66% (depends on material used) reduction can be gotten by the use of properly installed wall material.
    You can find some new articles on stove clearances at our extended informational articles link below.

    Link: Link to Jotul Web Site
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