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jim snead Posted By jim snead, Dec 22, 2012 at 11:19 PM

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    Dec 22, 2012
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    For our new home, my wife wants a regular fireplace so she can open the doors ( if any ) to hear and see the fire unabated. I would rather have something like a high efficiency wood burning stove since I do the wood cutting and hauling. The best compromise appears to be a zero clearance, high efficiency fireplace such as the QuadraFire 7100, the Heat & Glo Northstar, or the BIS Tradition. However!!
    I built several all masonry fireplaces in my younger days. We didn’t know any better back then. If I was had total control and was younger (O), I would build a Masonry Heater. Russian Style. I like their heat storage facet. So!!
    I was wondering??? What would be ideal would be a naked Quad 7100, just the firebox with all its high efficiency works, baffle, air tight doors and etc. installed inside a masonry shell instead of that insulated sheet metal box. You still would have, actually have to have, the heat zone air system blowing through the masonry cavity. Not necessarily fan forced, gravity feed would work. I think it would actually be safer! OK!!
    What do you think?? Am I missing something? How could such a unit be built? Do any manufacture offer a naked version? Not the old style Heatilator, they are just as bad as the old all masonry fireplace.
    In the Q&A of this forum is one titled Best heating fireplace for new construction that says to build a masonry fireplace and install an insert into it. Are you kidding me!!! There has got to be a manfacturer that sees the market for new home fireplace construction?
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    If I were building a new home today I'd go with a good insert installed in a masonry fireplace. The custom jobs look great but I worry that it may limit you in the future when that unit needs to be replaced.
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    If I had the masonry experience, ability, and the extra cash, then a masonry heater would be top on the list. I think there are a few designs that will incorporate an open fireplace and/or cooking spaces.

    I don't think that a naked firebox install would work out as well as going with a zero clearance fireplace, although the naked stove would have a better firebox than the fireplace. There is a lot of design considerations to enclosing a firebox that might compromise the stove.

    I know a fireplace can look beautiful, but I'm too practical to want to spend my money on something that is a total waste of money, and that is what an open fireplace is in every way in my opinion. I just don't get spending the money on a fireplace and then put an insert into it either. Build a nice stone or brick hearth and put a good stove on it. Better heating, easier to maintain over the years, and can be done at less cost. Find a recording of a crackling fire to play on the stereo, and keep the doors closed on the stove.

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