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    We hope you can help us!! We are having a home built for us and the builder will be installing a wood burning insert fireplace for us. We will be going in to contract with the builder soon and we have to list all of the details and specifications of what we want. Problem is, we know NOTHING about fireplaces!! Could you please give us some ideas on what we should ask for, including the names of the parts that are needed? The fireplace is going to be in the family room, but the floor plan of the house is open and spacious so we would like to get as much heat out of the fireplace as possible. THANK YOU!!!! - Trisha & Mark


    There are basically two options for getting the most heat possible from a wood-burning built in fireplace:

    1. Purchase a high-efficiency fireplace unit...these are pre-built units which use a metal chimney. They can have very high heat outputs. Check the units from Wilkening, Travis, Heat n Glo and RSF energy on the page https://www.hearth.com/prod.html

    2. Build a masonry fireplace and then install a wood burning insert into it. There are dozens of companies that make inserts for fireplace retrofit.
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