Napolean BL56 Fireplace TV Mount Mantle

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Aug 15, 2022
Hello buddies,

I got a Napoleon BL56 Fireplace and installed it with out mantle. But the Installation Guide says, I need to install a mantle for the TV on top. Can someone help if its really needed and how can I install a TV without mantle on top of fireplace?

Also, look at the attachment pdf (Page 49-50), it says the graph how depth and height should mantle be from top of appliance. I'm not sure how a small depth mantle with small height of clearance from top of mantle, will help my appliance (TV).

I haven't installed the FirePlace Heat Management System but the PDF also says the clearance height of mantle with the system. (confusing)

Any suggestions please


  • BL56-Installation.pdf
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If Napoleon put it in their documentation it's probably because they have had complaints. Heat can accelerate the aging of electronics. The mantel in this case sounds like it is acting as a heat shield to divert hot air convecting directly above the fireplace door. Ideally the TV should be located somewhere else, but putting it above the fireplace is a current trend.
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