napoleon stove warranty conditions and limitations, self-install, non-authorized dealer

bkclements Posted By bkclements, Aug 21, 2008 at 5:53 PM

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    Somewhat related to the other thread on "install your own stove".

    reading the fine print of the warranty for the 1400P:


    So does this mean that if I self-install, even if it passes code enforcement inspection, they still won't honor the warranty?

    Has anyone run into this problem with a manufacturer?

    And regarding "authorized dealer only", do they really stick to that?

    I have a non-authorized dealer with a good price, he says he buys from "authorized distributors" and that he will take care of warranty issues (for as long as he's around).

    Naturally he's not local.

    I called my local dealer. Well I should say, I called him every day for 4 days (left a message the first 3 days), finally got a person to answer the phone.

    Anyway, the local dealer sells at list price (I guess that's ok), but what bugs me is lack of response for 4 days, and then he tried to upsell me to a model 1900 (I have a 1400 sq ft house). Crazy!

    So, does anyone have experience having their warranty not honored due to self-install or non-authorized dealer purchase?

    And if it's not broke "out of the box" and works for the first few months, what can go wrong down the road other than normal and expected wear that any dealer should be able to order the parts for?
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