Natural Gas Furnance and Wood Stoves - Same House Questions

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Minister of Fire
Apr 22, 2010
Western VA
Hope everyone is doing well - haven't posted in years!!!!

We've been busy heating our house over the last 9ish years with our basement installed Englander 30 and upstairs with our Woodstock Keystone.

When we went with wood, we disconnected our gas service to a floor furnace due to not sharing a gas appliance with a wood stove. We have 3 chimneys. The Woodstock is on the chimney the gas furnace use to be on. The Englander is on it's own chimney. Our third chimney had a gas water heater on it, but we got rid of that several years ago for an electric and that chimney is available.

It has been our intent to install a nice heat pump with a gas furnace attached to it - but just haven't been ready to do so, and still are not.

However, the gas company notified us they are going to take up/out our gas line/service due to inactivity. We don't want that.

We want to hook some kind of gas appliance to the gas service and options are anything from a small space heater, to having our old gas floor furnance gone-over by a professional and the flue piped to our third chimney which is close by to simply buying a natural gas grill for our deck so we can use some natural gas and keep the gas line for another day.

What a pain....

Question is - anyone have a gas furnace or appliance in or near their wood stoves - on separate chimneys which I am to understand is in compliance with code.

When I was a boy, my dad ran a woodstove in the basement, there was a gas water heater and floor furnace and all three shared the same chimney for probably 20 years! We have separate chimneys.

Gas furnaces and wood stoves - anyone nervous about the combo in the same house?



Minister of Fire
How about a gas stove for cooking or a gas clothes dryer? The stove doesnt even need a vent.