NE model 25-IP /55-SHPIP /55TRPIP

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Jan 8, 2022
Hello ,
I am thinking that after reading for a few hours here my igniter could be the cause. My concern is that the igniter is less than 2 year old ,one heating season on it. I wanted to double check I was not missing anything else first .... It is an aftermarket one from pelletstovesparts4less.. The stove is the 55TRPIP. I cleaned the intake, exhaust blowers, flue and the inside of the stove removed plates at the bottom side while tapping the back side with a rubber mallet. I start the stove ,check on it , the pot is overly full with a chitty flame, it burns the pot clean and sets an E2 code. Starting the stove a 2nd time works well. Stove is in home , no thermostat connected. 1st startup pic is what happens now, then pot burns out setting E2, 2ndstart flame is good. Any input is appreciated

ps last night i was reading here an article on this symptom, igniter fault, adjustments of igniter and drilling small hole in collar for airflow around igniter. I cant seem to find that again this morning. I wanted to bookmark for future, anyone point me in that direction??

1ststartup.jpg potburntoutafter1st.jpg codeafter1st.jpg 2ndstartup.jpg
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Page 33 E2 code
Unit Shuts Down in 15-20 minutes with an "E-2" code on control board.
1. Loose thermal sensor.
1. Check both sides of thermal sensor connection (exhaust blower and control board).
2. Control board settings.
2. Start stove on minimum Heat Range 5 to ensure a good fire is started.
3. Failure to light pellets.
3. Check igniter for buildup or failure.

Question on 1 I did not see a test for thermal sensor in manual.... 2 control board setting on start up which i thought was predetermined by the board and moving heat range with buttons wont do anything till the start cycle switches off to normal heat mode. is this correct?

I was think either,, The stove is either feeding to many pellets, igniter not reaching temp to burn and start, thermal sensor bad, or vacuum cant be achieved.
I ran through a stove test with panel all seem to pass