Need a new saw

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Feb 2, 2008
The old Stihl MS 361 has played out. It should be rebuildable, but that will be for another day. In the meantime I need a new saw of similar capacity. I need to be able to run an 18" bar in oak and hickory without undue strain and am wondering if I could make a 50 cc, or even 45 cc saw work.

I am leaning hard toward going with Echo this time, but am not married to the idea. I might cut six cords this year, but that is an unusually large amount for me. Most years it will be closer to three cords.

Any suggestions and recommendations would be welcome.
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As already recommended the Husky will be a good saw for you, also the Stihl 261 would do the job easily as well. Folks that have the Echo saws really seem to like them & they are generally not a budget buster either.
MS 261 - very good saw
I was in the same boat - and had to take my old shindaiwa offline (broken trigger). I noticed a few new Echo 590's for sale from private parties on craiglist. So, I bought one of these new private party Timberwolves for $300 ($400 @ HomeD.).

I haven't used it yet so can't give you anything on its performance. I made a few mods - 2 big dogs/spikes, opened the muffler a little, and removed the carb limiter caps (and put a big zip-tie on the handle to measure 18" cuts).
Try an echo 620. Awesome saw for the money its comparable to the stihl 361
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I appreciate the suggestions. I will be doing some shopping today.
What dealer is near you... check with them..
Tough to beat a 361, that's my favorite saw of all time. Echo does make some great saws for the money.
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I'm not sure the new dolmar/makita anymore. I have heard mixed reviews on the new stuff. But the dolmars before the makita name we and excellent saw for the money. My little dolmar 421 is always ready go and dont give me any crap. It starts in two pulls. My 550xp is a little more temperamental when starting. I am still not sold on the auto tune. Then there is my jonsered 2172. Another saw that dont give me any crap and is always ready to cut, providing I sharpen the chain
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If I didn't plan on running anything bigger than an 18in bar, it would be a stihl 261.
If you will only have one saw 261 is the one to have. Many have said this before.
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The suggestions are all much appreciated.

The parts to rebuild the MS 361 are on order. I also have a Stihl 025 in another location. I have decided it is not worth keeping the 025 away from home and will just bring it back.

The 025 will do 95% of everything I need it for. With more occasional use the MS 361 will likely remain uselful longer than I will.