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Crazymike Posted By Crazymike, Dec 25, 2012 at 4:26 PM

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    Dec 25, 2012
    I have a 4,000 sq ft shop, a 4,600 sq ft house, also heating hot water tank and planning on 400gal hot tub to put in line this coming year, currently using an overwhelmed wood master 4400. I was planning on upgrading to a wood master 5500, 10,000 sq ft capacity, but considering I have access to pellets at a ridiculous price, wood master has a 1100 series pellet boiler, 8,000 sq ft capacity. I was told it would keep up easily, considering the basement, which is 1,800sq ft rarely gets any heat at all, but I was told it would use 6-8 40lb bags a day to heat the total area. That's 3-4 tonnes a month for 5-6 months a year. Does that sound right for my sq ft? Even though I can get pellets stupid cheap, sounds like an awful lot of pellets, especially if I add another boiler later on.

    Firewood is dirt cheap and plentiful, but I hate the storage area needed and the larger wood isn't the best for my back. A 5500 would do the trick, but I'm still stuck with wood. Pellets, easier to handle, way less storage needed, but that's a lot of pellets. Thoughts?
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    I would try to do a heat load calc. Just using square footage is a hard thing to guess at.Or that's what it seems to me. My 1800sq/ft moderately insulated house uses more wood than an equal size house in mid Connecticut.

    Also, they are selling pellets in bulk now. You have a hopper or dry tank that the pellet company just shows up and fills the tank. No need for bags. I've only seen advertisements of this being done.

    Also, look at avatar. I move all my wood with my FEL on my tractor. For me, this system works well.

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