Need Help Selecting Wood Fireplace

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Mar 1, 2020
North Texas
My wife and I are remodeling our living area which will include replacing the 20 year old builder series wood open face fireplace insert. I‘ve done quite a bit of on-line research and have also visited a few dealers here in North Texas (Dallas / Fort Worth area). To be honest I’m a bit overwhelmed with available options and cost. Looking for recommendations, suggestions, words of caution, etc.

A few data points:
- new fireplace will be at the end of a 24’ x 50’ living room/dining room/kitchen area (~ 1200 ft2)
- total house square footage is 2500 ft2 which includes adjacent foyer, bedrooms, bathrooms
- current heat source is central gas (propane). Annual cost about $2500.
- looking for the new fireplace to be primary heat source for the 1200 ft2 immediate living area and reduce annual propane cost by about $500 / year
- two people in the home, my wife and I are both retired
- local contractor will do install

My original choice was the RSF Pearl, but dealers told me it is no longer in production. I chose the Pearl based on high recommendations and it was sized for a 1500 ft2 area.

I’m now looking at Superior WCT 6820 and Quadrafire Pioneer 2. Both units (firebox only) are about $5000 from local dealers (list price, no discounts). A few on-line dealers are selling the Superior 6820 for just under $4000 with free shipping. Another dealer suggested the Monticeto, which looks like a clone of the WCT6820, but price was around $5800. Another dealer recommended the Fireplace Xtrordinair Elite 36 but I’m concerned the larger firebox will be too much heat for our room size.

Chimney vent pipe options are also very confusing. For example, latest install manual for the Superior WCT6820 states that the Superior Snap-Pak is the only approved chimney pipe. Local dealers seem to be selling at list price, whereas on-line dealers are offering 10-30% discounts with free shipping.

So ..... what should I buy ? And are on-dealers a viable option, or should I pay the premium (list) price at local dealers ?

Thanks in advance.


Nov 24, 2015
I've been running a Pacific Energy FP30 arch, fireplace for 3 years now, live in Mid-Missouri, and use about 3/3.5 cords a year, sole source of heat. for my 2500sqft ranch,
The same unit but in a smaller package is the FP25, it might be better suited for the area you want to heat,


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