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sewerrat Posted By sewerrat, Oct 12, 2018 at 2:12 PM

  1. sewerrat

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    Oct 12, 2018
    Recently purchased a lake/second home that came with an Ashley Automatic 25HF
    Looks like this

    That is just a web image that I found. My stove is in great physical condition.

    I'm not worried about efficiency because I will only visit this house 4-6 days per month over the winter.
    I fired it up last time I was there and it heated the house great, however I don't know how to control the intake.
    Not sure what the dial you see in the picture is for and how that relates to the intake. Anyone know how to operate this stove? Is is possible to get an overnight burn in one of these? Any other useful info?

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    That is very similar to my first stove which was an Ashley Columbian. The dial is a thermostatic air control. Open it wide for start, then set it to close when the room is comfy warm. Put a key damper in the stove pipe. That will help extend burn time. Close the damper at least partially once the stove is burning well.

    It's been many decades since I ran this stove and at that point it was in a leaky uninsulated cabin. I mostly ran it hot to survive cold New England nights and had to get up during the night to refill. But my wood supply was poor and this place was not intended for year round use.
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