Need Tarm info for older MB

steam man Posted By steam man, May 30, 2008 at 12:49 PM

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    Jan 19, 2008
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    Hey Craig-help me out here. I just came across a Tarm MB Solo 40 or 45 that was installed in 1980. It was only used 2 years by an elderly couple and is in the best shape of of any older MB that I have ever seen. The front page of the manual list a MB 40 but the back page list a MB-45. I am not sure of the difference. I think it is a 100,000 BTU rating. There is no nameplate that specifically states which model it is.

    The owner says that it will burn coal with the optional coal grates. The manual doesn't say anything about burning coal. As I said in my previous post I like the option of using coal or wood. Is this model cabable of burning coal and do you think the grates are available?
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