opens new department to handle pellet sales

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Hearth Supporter
Jul 15, 2008
Central/South Jersey
Update on the sales and delivery of wood pellets ordered on – Northeast Hay and Grain Corp – Pine Bush Agway

Dear Valued Customers,

In an effort provide you with better service we are sending this email to update you on a few things.

1. Wood Pellet Sales, due to increased sales of wood pellets we have created a separate department dedicated ONLY to the sales and delivery of wood pellets, corn fuel and coal. This department is called and is operating as a division of Northeast Hay and Grain Corp ( All orders previously placed with our retail store Pine Bush Agway /Northeast hay and Grain or online at will be filled and delivered as planned. You can find valuable information and place orders automatically by going to the wood pellet website at

2. Incoming Calls, due to a very high call volume our phone system and operators became overloaded the last 30 days. To fix this problem we have created a direct line for wood pellet sales and delivery this number is 877 835 2807. Please direct all calls and inquires to this number. Our old number still rings in to the retail store but the customer service agents in the retail store do not handle wood pellets sales and will not have full information for you.

3. Wood Pellet Delivery, because of a rush of business and our staff becoming overwhelmed some customers were misinformed about delivery dates, we wish to be very clear about this. All wood pellet orders placed during our early buy program (months of June, July and August) will be delivered during the fall, September, October. We will call you and give 48 hours notice to let you know when our truck will be out to deliver to your home. The driver will also call you the day of delivery to give you an ETA of when he expects to get to your home that day. If you have any questions or concerns about delivery status you may call 877 835 2807 x2 please leave a message if we do not answer, you can also email [email protected] with any questions. ALL EARLY ORDERS FOR WOOD PELLETS WILL BE DELIVERED AS SCHEDULED THIS FALL, IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS EMAIL [email protected] OR CALL 877 835 2807

4. Some calls not returned on time, because our phone system became over loaded some calls made by customers to us were not returned on time or at all. We sincerely apologize for this and hope that you did not see this as a concern for the future delivery of your order. Rest assured, we have increased staff and are making necessary improvements to our system to handle increased business.

5. Supply Outlook, Our supply of wood pellets remains very plentiful. Our main supplier FRAM is currently installing a new bagging line that will be able to bag and palletize over 400 ton per day. This will give us plenty of supply for the winter. Our other suppliers also have product reserved for us. Rest assured we will have plenty of product to sell you now and in the future.

6. Delivery, we have recently purchased more forklift trucks to help with the increased delivery tonnage. Our drivers will have no foreseen problems making their wood pellet deliveries this fall and in to the winter.

We thank you for your business and look forward to serving you in the future.

John Dederick a division of Northeast Hay and Grain Corp

105 Depot Street

Pine Bush NY 12566

P: 877 835 2807

F: 845 744 3327 is Pine Bush Agway/Northeast Hay and Grain out of Pine Bush NY. DO NOT ORDER ANY THING FROM THEM. They have not filled my order which I place with Northeast Hay and Grain in Sept. Never got my order, when I canceled the order a credit was never issued. I am still disbuting the charge with my credit card company.

Northeast Hay and Grain ( not only has charged us for the pellets back in november, but they told us on the phone they had the 1-ton pellets in stock but they didn't have a full truck to send our way. They were waiting on their 40-lb bag deliveries.

They are not answering their phones, their emails... they have dishonoured not only the delivery date of by Nov 30 and then the first week in december. The people who were responsible for our order QUIT without notice to the company. (makes you wonder if they quit cuz they didnt' want to work at a company who has such bad customer services and lies to their customers).

DON"T ORDER FROM THEM they don't honour their orders and have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. We've reported them to the BBB.

I think by now, anyone up on this board that can read should know better than to order and pay for pellets that are to be "delivered" by a dealer at some point in the future.

If you have to have someone deliver your pellets, tell them that you will be glad to pay them the same day that they deliver them to you.
I love this board. Not only do companies try to solicit bad business but the people react like RABID DOGS against bad business. Some people will even go back months to look for a post and smack them down once again.

Good one you guys.

sorry i posted the email i got from them a while back w/o knowing they do bad business
obviously if i had known, i would not have provided this info
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