New Construction See-through Fireplace

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New Member
Sep 20, 2021

Basically, I'm here looking for advice on a see-through fireplace for a 3600 s.f. two story, custom home in PA. Some basic info on what we're looking for:

- The primary goal is aesthetics but being able to produce some supplemental heat, especially in winter, is very helpful. (Primary heat is geothermal)
- Would like a direct vent unit to avoid consuming conditioned air
- For convenience we prefer gas (propane).
- We prefer the look of a more traditional log burner.
- The room on one side will be a 18'x20' Great Room with 10' ceilings and the room on the other side will be a 16x20 Sunroom with 10' ceiling vaulting to 16' feet. The fireplace will be in the middle of the shared 20' wall.
- Because the wall and rooms are large we'd prefer a larger ~42" fireplace, but I guess 36" could work.
- Arched top is nice but not required

So far I've priced out three units, including venting through a ~30' chimney:
1) Town & Country See-Thru TC36 - ~$15K installed
2) Heat & Glo Escape See-Through 42" - ~$15K installed
3) Acucraft Heathroom 44 - ~$20K

These all seem like they could work (love the duel fuel option on the Acucraft) but all are well beyond the 7K allowance from the build. I'm willing to spend beyond that allowance if it's necessary to get a quality unit, I certainly don't want to cheap out now just to replace the unit in 5 years. However, as you'd expect the budget is tight and it's not easy to find additional funds. While I want quality, I don't need "the best of the best".

So my question you have any recommendations on cheaper quality units I should be considering or is this just a 15K job to do properly?