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    New Construction See-through Fireplace

    Hi! Basically, I'm here looking for advice on a see-through fireplace for a 3600 s.f. two story, custom home in PA. Some basic info on what we're looking for: - The primary goal is aesthetics but being able to produce some supplemental heat, especially in winter, is very helpful. (Primary...
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    New Build - Protected Surface

    Hello I am building a new home and want to have a wood stove in my great room along an exterior wall. What is normally done for new construction? I didnt talk with my builder yet on this but would like some insight. I would like to have a faux brick wall behind the stove, but don't think I...
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    Stove selection help for newbie

    I will start by saying I am not a seasoned burner, I had a wood stove in my parents house that I used about 20-25 years ago. My wife and I are in the process of having a home built. It is going to be about 1800 square foot total. It will be a 1.5 story with the upset being in the rafters with...
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    How to apply sheet metal on wall surrounding fireplace???

    Hi, I am new here and am trying to get some guidance on how to do a project on my new house being built. I found some photos online of fireplace walls covered in sheet rolled, stainless, galvanized? I'm open to ideas as to what is safe and practical. I don't want to spend a...
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    What UL approved wood burning fireplace insert for new construction addition?

    Husband is building us a 24 x 24 den addition. We want a wood burning fireplace insert that is SUITABLE for new construction. Also insurance is saying the UL certification. It seems like everything we see is for NOT new construction. and it seems like when you look at the prices, it is for...
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    Radiant Floor System - New Construction

    I'm getting ready to build a new house in the spring. I hope to have a Varmebaronen Vedolux 650 boiler with radiant floor heat. How should I install the radiant floor? Is there a difference in efficiency or cost between laying it in gypcrete, in a wood track system, or under the sub-floor...