New England Wood Pellets, 2017/ 18

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Oct 3, 2015
Has anyone burned New England Wood Pellets for 2017/2018? I've read their reviews seem to be hit or miss. There is a place locally that has them in stock. Was thinking about picking up a ton since they're close to home. I've been burning Hamers which my stove loves. Very little ash, high heat and worth the money. Looking to find something as a replacement that's in stock more frequently.
Total opposite end of the spectrum.youll be disappointed after burning hamers
Hamers were in stock which I love so no reason to go elsewhere I suppose. A neighbor did pick up a few bags so we're gonna swap to see the difference.
After fighting with the blessed things and incessantly cleaning out clinker beds - sometimes forming in less than 12 hours - even with the air set at full blow. Test burned a bag of Stove Chow from Home Depot. Burned down perfectly fine. Test of a mix burned a LOT more ashy but didn't clog the burn part. Definitely the fuel. Very disappointing since we did well with them previous seasons, tho' last year's were more ashy and a little dodgy.

Looks like a bad year for Hamers. A lot of unhappy burners over at Wood Pellet Reviews.
I recently bought a ton of new England pellets from a local place in the Hudson valley NY area. I had wanted to buy hamers but they were out of those and I was running out of my current stock so.... Not terrible impressed with the new England so far. No issues feeding but the heat output seems to be less and the stove glass became dirty very quickly.
Hated em a couple years ago. One of the worst burns I came across. May be different this year as they source from multiple areas in NY. I think it is dependent on the conditions weather wise during harvest seasons and wetness prior to processing. Just a theory.