New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3

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Feb 15, 2016
Hi. I just bought a house that has two woodstoves. There is a Jotul 3 in the basement, and a Hearthstone in the living room. I am somewhat familiar with the Jotul 3. I think the Hearthstone is a Heritage (could be wrong), but of the previous generation. I don't think there is a catalyst. I did not see a bypass lever on the right side of the stove. Could anyone out there give me inforation about how many versions of the Heritage were made, and if I am correct about there being no catalyst? Thanks.
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See if there is a tag in a clip on the bottom of the stove. My HS has one with all the info on it clipped under the back right hand corner.
There are 4 versions of the Heritage. Once the stove is id'ed you can get the manual here:
There are also several versions of the Jotul 3. Look on the back of the stove for the UL label to identify it.
Believe there was 3 or 4 versions of the Heritage, one had cast side door, one version had soapstone door, one was revised looks, not sure of all the details. If you want history hearthstone has a sight that would tell you. The Jotul 3 had the original 3, the catalytic model, and the clean burn version Jotul 3CB. The last one was obviously the best, very venerable heater, only "shortcoming" in most people's minds was the shorter ideal 15-16" pieces of wood, to get through the door. Very durable stove though. Both stoves are nice heaters. Good dry seasoned wood will make them perform great...
Sorry BG, did not see your post... TY friend.
I closed on the house today. I haven't had a chance to find out where to look to identify the Hearthstone yet. But here's the tag on the back of the Jotul 3. It says Manufactured February 2011. Jotul F 3. So it seems like it's the Jotul 3CB. Is that correct?

New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3
Yes, that should be an F3CB.
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I have still not identified the Hearthstone stove. Here are pictures. I do not see anything on the stove identifying the model. It will accommodate at least a 20 inch log, maybe 21.
There is some surface rust. Not sure if the trivet the previous owners had, if they let that overflow or something? Is it safe to use naval jelly to take that off?
Also, seems like the door latches need adjustment.

New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3
Pretty stove. It's strange there is no I'd on it. Did you check on the bottom for the tag? Mines clipped there.

Also be sure to read about the yearly start up fires. You need a couple of very small fires to get the moisture out of the soapstone before you burn hot so they don't crack.

I would also use a hand held IR thermometer to find the true hot spots on the stove. My top runs up to 150 deg cooler than the actual hottest stones.
Thanks for the advice about using an IR thermometer to find the hot spots. I did read about the importance of yearly start up fires.

I found this imprinted under the front ash lip. I'm assuming 2010 is the year it was manufactured?

New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3
Googling 2010-255 gives me Hearthstone Heritage?
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Found and old thread here and did some digging. It appears to be a Heritage1 8021. Pics of that stove show the same ornate cast iron and the dual door setup.
New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3
You may try talking to Hearthstone or a dealer with that little bit of information and see where it goes.

The older thread said @Highbeam had one. He can probably verify.
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That looks just like my old hearthstone heritage I bought new in about 2007. There should be a metal tag attached to the stove with a cable in back. No catalyst. A nice looking heater that kept us warm for about 6 years, 30 cords.

As far as durability, The latches suck. So do the hinges.
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Thanks. I will look for the metal tag. Are you talking about the door handle mechanism with the thin, metal piece on the inside that latches the door in the pictures below? I noticed right away these are not working properly. Do they just need adjustment or replacement? Thanks.

New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3 New House with Hearthstone and Jotul 3
Can't tell if that is the latest version of the handle. Those handles worked ok on Hearthstones, but lots of folks would close them in the wrong direction and gronk the receiver the handle locked into. One version of the Heritage too had the receiver cast into the actual door inlet frame and if the receiver cracked or broke off, the whole inner frame had to be replaced which was not easy. The later versions had the receiver as a separate piece that bolted in. Treated properly, those handles would last ok, but they were probably a weak link for the stove. Sometimes the person who assembled the stove would etch their name in the lower right corner rear stone. There should be a lanyard under the stove or on back to id the stove and its serial number. Good luck with her, parts are still readily available from Hearthstone.
I fixed the handles and they seem to work just fine. Just needed to tighten with an allen wrench. Did the dollar bill test around both doors, and the gaskets seem good.