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Aug 19, 2023
Hi all. Happy to have found this forum. We have an 1840s small brick farmhouse with an Old Timer stove in the fireplace. Want to replace with something more modern looking and efficient for the tax credit. Looks like good options include the BK Sirocco 25, the Napoleon, and a Regency Cascade Hybrid. All three very different it seems. Curious what feedback you all might have on these or others. The opening is big enough for 'medium' but not 'large' stoves. Thanks.
Is the goal of the insert to heat the house? Are there power outages in the winter common? If so, you may want to consider an insert that projects more out onto the hearth. Flush inserts need the blower running to convect hot air from around the stove body. The blower needs power.
Ah. Good questions. We're in northern Ohio. We have a heat pump and a propane tank. Small house. Goal is to use the stove to reduce gas usage to a minimum. The old timer has fans that we usually don't use. We do have some winter power outages, so the stove is a backup heating source to keep pipes from freezing.
It may be advisable to cast a wider net than just the tax credit stoves. Some models will save enough to compensate. It's better to get the right stove for the job.

Tell us more about the house and the fireplace. How many sq ft are to be heated by the stove? Is the floorpan fairly open or closed off into rooms with doorways? What are the fireplace dimensions including depth? Pictures are welcome.
Floorplan is closed with doorways into other rooms. Large temp differences in the winter. Living room maybe 1000 sq ft at most. Opening is just 42" wide. Only about 30" in depth available. Local company recommended the BK.

I like the Drolet Escape as well but wondered if the quality was lower and doubted it would meet the EPA efficiency standards.
Look at the Drolet Escape 1800i. It is a popular workhorse and is listed for the tax credit. There is also the Osburn 2000 insert.
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I have a Drolet Escape 1800i and recommend it highly. It might not be as fancy or quite as well built as some of the more expensive options, but with the blower I didn’t turn on my heat until after Thanksgiving last year. It also got me the full tax credit for last year.
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