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Lord Baltimore

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Dec 16, 2022
New York
Hello folks,

I've been reading the forum for a while and admire the knowledge and helpful nature of the place.

I just installed an Answer insert in my 1100 SF home in Upstate NY and like so many others wish I'd gone for the Evergreen or something larger.

It's mine though and I'll make it work. On 20 degree days and with the judicious use of fans, it managed to keep the place cozy, but its been work. I'm concerned about the deeper cold.

My biggest issue is the charcoal issue which I've heard about here and elsewhere. Wood is oak at 17%, ignites quickly and burns well, but coal bed maintenance/raking is an every load task and even in the morning I've never seen a complete burn to ash and some small coals.

I'm sure there will be other questions as a new burner and thank you in advance for your tips.
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Open up the air to about 50% an hour or so before the reload and place a couple of thin (1-2") splits on top to help burn the coals quicker.
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I've been doing that...probably read it here.

It does help and is done regularly, but it seems like a band aid on a wound I shouldn't have.

I appreciate the response very much though.
Sounds good. Some hardwoods hold coals for a long time.