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Sep 21, 2023
Pittsburgh, Pa

New to the forum and was looking for some guidance. The home we purchased 2 years ago has a Country Comfort CC325 installed. I had the chimney inspected and there was evidence of a chimney fire at some point. The people we bought it from had not used it in the 10+ years they lived there. We are having a full liner installed by a licensed and certified company. I do have the manual and after consulting it, have found that the stove is equipped with both secondary burn units and a "catalytic assist." The insert is currently pulled out (they're doing the liner right now.) I have confirmed that there is indeed a catalyst in the unit (looks pretty dirty and gunked up.) There is also no temperature probe equipped on the stove currently, but there is a port. My questions are: if the unit is equipped with secondary burn as well as a catalyst, is it safe to run the stove without the catalyst? Is it worth trying to clean the catalyst, or should I just replace it? If it is just "dirty" from dust, debris, etc. will it burn off when the catalyst is engaged? Last, (I think) does anyone have experience installing a wired probe into one of these units, and if so, is there a best practice to removing the plug on the unit and securing the probe in the unit? Also, any suggestions on a good wired temperature probe? The port is on the back of the unit, so it can't just be a "stem and gauge" type.

Hi there,
I believe you could run without one but, the catalytic combustor can add up to 3 hours of extra burn time plus cuts way down the creosote buildup on the walls of the chimney liner. More info here in this video:
Cleaning could be done with a vinegar bath and boiling water. There are tutorials how to do it on YouTube. Or, if you have some luck, you might be able to find a new one on eBay that matches the dimensions.

Good luck!
Midwest Hearth has this cat listed:
Thanks for the replies. I ended up getting a new cat for the stove, and a magnetic stovetop thermometer that I have mounted right above the doors in the middle, below the opening for the fan outlet. Not as accurate as a catalytic probe, but gives me a good ballpark. I burned in it for 2-3 days, and everything seems to be working alright. No smoke out of the chimney, looks like the secondary burn in the stove is working, and good heat from the insert. Now I just need to figure out how to get the other side of the house as warm as the side with the stove.