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New Member
Jan 11, 2023
I just installed my PelPro TSC90, and have a couple of questions for the forum. Burns 90 # of pellets in an 18hour period...normal? Needs to be cleaned every couple of days as the burn pot is full of ash, and the glass is covered with soot. Stove has a trim adjustment that I have set @-3? Am currently burning a "premium hardwood pellet" that says it is "high BTU's and "low ash", all which could be fodder. I used to heat with a wood stove and it was never this needy? Thoughts please.


New Member
Jul 18, 2022
Millville, MA
I am also a newbie, but I can say 16-22 hours are about normal for what I have seen for the various brands of pellets. They all say there "premium", and those ash numbers are from laboratory testing not actual use, just like MPG estimates for cars. Based on my tests I would say the amount of actual ash is double. Here is a link to the brands I have tested to date, and I am sure others can give tips to use for your model stove.



Mar 25, 2022
The average is 40 lb for 24 hours, but I've been feeding mine 60 lb for 24 hours.

I run my pellet stove on low flame (trim(, over a period of 4 to 6 hours the house will warm up to 74° and I just keep it at that setting. I shut my stove down every other day and clean it really well.